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Error 223

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Program: Protected Program

Description: some of the parameters in the DDMB have bad values. e.g. function > 6 or alg_num > 9 or alg_num is a valid value but no such algorithm exists in the dongle.

Special note to VB5 or VB6 users: This error can also occur due to an error in earlier releases of the VB5 sample code. To fix this problem you will need to modify the ddmb32.bas file and delete the Res3 entry (there is also a Reserved3 entry - this element was mistakenly added twice).

This error can also occur occasionally if you are using DDNet version 4.20 (release 2 or earlier) and the clients are using runtime version 4.1 or earlier. This bug has been fixed in DDNet version 4.20 (release 3).

Versions: 4.20 and above.

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