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Error 50

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Program: Protected Program

Description: There are various reasons why your protected program may give error 50

Relevant Version: all

1) DDNet is not running.

2) ddnet is running but the DinkeyNetPath you gave it does not match the DinkeyNetPath specified in the <prodcode>.ini file on the workstation.

3) ddnet is running as a service and you have specified a DinkeyNetPath that uses a mapped drive or UNC path name (you must specify a local path).

4) ddnet is running with the correct DinkeyNetPath but does not have full (i.e. create, read, write, delete) access rights to the DinkeyNetPath & subdirectories. If ddnet is running under Linux then it should be running in the same group as all the users running the protected program.

In the case of 3 and 4 ddnet will give error messages (if running as a program they will be in the ddnet.log file and if running as a service then they will be in the event log - application data) but continue running.

This error can also occur (sporadically) if you are using Windows 2008 Server with Windows Vista or WIndows 7 clients. Microsoft admit this is a problem with the SMBv2 network caching - see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/963044. If you upgrade to the latest Dinkey SDK (at least 4.20 release 7) then the protection check should work as normal.

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