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DinkeyWeb Problems with Safari

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Applies to Safari version 6.1 (and higher) and Mac OS X Lion (and higher)

For Safari version 6.1 (and higher) on Mac OS X Lion (and higher) Apple have implemented their own extra security for Java on top of the security that Java already implements.

Unfortunately this prevents DinkeyWeb from running correctly. To fix the problem you need to do the following:

  1. From the Safari Menu select Preferences and choose the Security Tab.
  2. Ensure that "Allow Plug-ins" is checked and click the "Manage Website Settings..." button.
  3. Select the Java Plug-in on the left panel. It should already list the (DinkeyWeb protected) website URL. (If not then use Safari to view your website URL and then it will be listed). Click on this URL and change the setting to "Run in Unsafe Mode". This prevents Safari from blocking DinkeyWeb.

Another option is to use Mozilla Firefox, as this browser does not enforce these extra restrictions.

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