Software Anti-Piracy

Prevent unauthorized use of software application

Prevent Unauthorized Use

Enforce software licence terms to prevent illegal use of your software

Enforce Software Licensing Terms

Prevent reverse engineering of binary application code

Prevent Reverse Engineering

Prevent Unauthorized Use of Your Software

While you might not be able to prevent your software being copied you can prevent it being used. Software protection by dongles or by intelligent monitoring using the internet helps protect your revenue stream and gives you the piece of mind that the only people using your software are those who have paid to do so.

Enforce the Terms of Your Software Licence

Our anti-piracy solutions help you ensure that your software licence terms are met with ease. For example, you may wish to restrict which features of your software are made available or you may wish to set some simple expiry dates.

You can configure the following licensing parameters:

Preventing Reverse Engineering (IP Theft)

Reverse engineering is the process by which a hacker is able to work out what your code is doing just by analysing the compiled code in the executables that you release. Reverse engineering is a big problem now with the increasing use of languages that compile to an intermediate form of code, also known as 'byte code'. Languages such as C#, VB.NET and Python all compile to intermediate code which is then executed by a virtual machine. This gives the advantage of only releasing one set of compiled binaries for all platforms but the downside is that your application can be reverse engineered back to readable source code very easily!

Reverse engineering of native binaries is harder but is still achievable by skilled hackers with the right tools and experience.

Our software anti-piracy solutions prevent reverse engineering statically through strong encryption of your code, and at runtime using our Advanced Runtime Protection system.

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