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A program used to add protection to your software and program Dinkey Dongles.

Dinkey Dongle Change Block. Used to pass information to and from the DDINFO function in the DDChange dynamic library.

A program that allows the end user of a Dinkey Dongle to enter a code to update parameters stored in the dongle. Used in conjuction with DDRemote.

A program that searches all USB ports (and parallel ports) for dongles and displays information about them. A useful diagnostic tool.

Dinkey Dongle Memory Block. A structure that is used to pass parameters to and from the Dinkey Dongle API.

A program (or service) that must be run on the dongle server in order for DinkeyNet to work properly.

DDP file
Dinkey Dongle Parameter file. The file format used to save DDAdd parameters to a file.

DDR file
DDRemote parameter file. The file format used to save DDRemote parameters to disk.

A program that generates unique update codes to remotely change update parameters in a specific Dinkey Dongle. Used in conjunction with DDChange.

A folder on the network needed for use with DinkeyNet dongles and DDNet.

dongle server
A machine on the network that has the DinkeyNet attached to it.

Product Code
The product code (up to 8 characters) helps you distinguish a dongle that belongs to one protected product from another.

Software Developer's Serial Number. Used to distinguish dongles from one software developer from another.

Program that installs (or uninstalls) the Dinkey Dongle drivers on any Windows operating system.

Shell Method
A method of automatically protecting your software. When this method is used you do not need to modify your source code.

Update Number
Number stored in the dongle that is incremented each time a successful update code is entered. Stops the user entering the code twice.

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