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articleMy USB dongle is not being detected
First check that the LED is lit on the dongle. If the LED is on: This indicates that the drivers have been installed correctly and the soft...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 9242
articleError 504
Dinkey Pro/FD dongles can only be accessed by one thread or process at a time. This error number indicates a problem enforcing this constra...
23 Nov, 2012    Views: 6647
articleHow to find the SDK version
Dinkey Pro/FD SDK Open the DinkeyLook developer tool and go to Help > About in the program's menu to see full version information. Din...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 6619
articleThere seems to be a conflict with the Keylok dongle drivers.
Problem: There is a conflict with the Keylok dongle drivers for 32-bit Windows operating systems. The Keylok and Dinkey drivers both have th...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 5076
articleDongles in a Virtual Machine or Container Environment
In the vast majority of cases Dinkey Dongles will work correctly under a Virtual Machine environment and with docker containers. In this ar...
18 Jun, 2014    Views: 4759
Latest Articles
articleError 955
This error means that we cannot create a subprocess. This file will only be created if you enabled the extra anti-debug option of the Shell ...
20 Oct, 2020    Views: 9
This error means that a subprocess we created cannot be written to disk. This file will only be written if you enabled the extra anti-debug ...
20 Oct, 2020    Views: 9
articleError 493
If you have protection a macOS application that was built with XCode 11 (or higher?) then you receive this error when your protected program...
30 Jun, 2020    Views: 31
articleError 917
If you receive error 917/13 on a Linux system when downloading a Temporary or Demo Software Key then you should upgrade to DinkeyChange vers...
11 Jun, 2020    Views: 27
articleError 1132
Description: There a problem connecting to the Internet. Solution: Most Internet connection problems are temporary, so the most common solu...
11 Sep, 2019    Views: 91

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