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articleUsing Application Verifier with My Protected Software Causes Problems
Please don't use the Application Verifier with any of the SDK utilities or your protected software! All of these programs contain anti-debu...
04 Sep, 2007    Views: 2425
articleCompatibility with Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)
If Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v2 (or higher) is installed then it may cause protected applications and our SDK tools (...
30 Oct, 2015    Views: 279
articleCompatibility with Veriato Investigator
An application called Veriato Investigator can cause problems with programs protected with the Shell Method that use the "extra anti-debug" ...
25 Jun, 2019    Views: 73
articleDongles in a Virtual Machine Environment
In the vast majority of cases Dinkey Dongles will work correctly under a Virtual Machine environment. In this article we will give some gui...
18 Jun, 2014    Views: 1128

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