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articleHow to find the version of the software you are using
SDK Programs For all utilities in the Dinkey SDK (DDAdd, DDRemote, DDLook, DDChange, DDNet) and Dinkey Pro/FD SDK (DinkeyAdd, DinkeyRemote, ...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 6499
articleHow to perform a full Dinkey driver reinstall
If you have successfully installed the Dinkey drivers but the LED on the dongle is not lit, or if setupdrv or the Windows New Hardware Wizar...
16 Dec, 2011    Views: 4516
articleDisabling USB interrupt endpoint messages in Linux
On some Linux systems you may see messages like this appear on the console each time a dongle is attached to the computer: "usbhid 2-1:1.0 ...
15 Jan, 2016    Views: 259
articleHow to turn on additional error reporting
When using the Dinkey or Dinkey Pro/FD APIs, it is strongly recommended that you display or log any error codes and extended error codes ret...
22 Jan, 2008    Views: 2339

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