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DinkeyWeb Support in Major Browsers

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DinkeyWeb has been superseded by SmartSign. The DinkeyWeb authentication servers will remain live, and we will continue to provide technical support for DinkeyWeb. You do not need to take any action to continue using DinkeyWeb.

DinkeyWeb is available in 2 'flavours':

Java Applet Solution

This is the original implementaion of DinkeyWeb. Protected web pages contain a Java applet that is used to detect a dongle and securely transmit information about the dongle back to your web server. The applet automatically downloads additional files it needs to communicate with the dongle.

This solution is most convenient for end-users using browsers that support Java, because the applet and additional files are downloaded automatically. However, several major browsers no longer support plug-ins that use the NPAPI architecture, which includes the Java plug-in required to run the DinkeyWeb applet.

The following information is correct as of November 2016.

Mozilla Firefox currently supports the Java plug-in, but Mozilla intends to remove support for most NPAPI plug-ins in Firefox by the end of 2016.

Microsoft Internet Explorer uses a different plug-in architecture (ActiveX), and currently supports Java. In Windows 8 and newer, you must be running Internet Explorer in Desktop Mode to use plug-ins.

Microsoft Edge does not support plug-ins. Use the DinkeyWeb client solution, or add your site to your users' Enterprise Mode site list so that it will automatically open using Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome no longer supports the Java plug-in.

Safari currently supports Java. See the related article linked below for further information about DinkeyWeb and Safari.

Browsers that support the Java plug-in may still disable it by default. See How to activate Java in the browser and How do I enable Java in my web browser? for further information. It is also strongly recommended that your end-users use the latest version of Java wherever possible.

Local Agent Solution

Protected web pages access a dongle via a service or daemon that must be manually installed on the end-user's computer. This solution requires a little more effort for end-users, but is supported by all major browsers.

To switch from the orginal Java Applet Solution to the Local Agent Solution, you must make some changes to your server-side code. These changes replace the Java applet in your protected pages with a Javascript widget that communicates with the local agent service/daemon. To request the latest version of the DinkeyWeb Local Agent Solution, use the link below to contact our support team.

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