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How to find the version of the software you are using

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SDK Programs

For all utilities in the Dinkey SDK (DDAdd, DDRemote, DDLook, DDChange, DDNet) and Dinkey Pro/FD SDK (DinkeyAdd, DinkeyRemote, DinkeyLook, DinkeyChange, DinkeyServer) you can click "Help | About" from the program's menu to see full version information.

Setupdrv and Runtime DLLs

To view version information for the Dinkey driver installation utility (Setupdrv) and runtime DLLs for both Dinkey and Dinkey Pro/FD, right-click on the file in My Computer and select Properties, then go to the Version tab of the Properties dialog.


All programs and runtimes in each SDK release will share the same version information, with one exception - Setupdrv has its own separate version numbering.

There is no way to find out version information from an object module file. To find the version of an object module, compare the exact size of the file to the size of the same file from a fresh installation of the SDK that you know the version of.

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