One-Time Password (OTP) TokensOATH-compliant Authentication Tokens

One-Time Password OTP card token ISO-7810 ID-1 One-Time Password OTP keychain token fob

Our OATH-compliant One Time Password tokens are a simple, secure and highly cost-effective way of deploying stronger user access control within your organisation.

OTP tokens are one of the simplest methods of strong authentication and are very commonly deployed by organisations looking for a quick and effective way of boosting their login security.

All our tokens feature a single button and a screen that displays a 6-digit single-use code that the user enters into the application during login.

OTP Types

OTP tokens come in two types: event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP). Event-based OTP tokens generate new codes at the press of the button and the code is valid until it is used by the application. Time-based OTP tokens generate codes that are valid only for a certain amount of time (eg, 30 or 60 seconds), after which a new code must be generated.

OTP Authentication Server

Deploy OTP tokens in conjunction with an Identity & Access Management (IAM) system and give your organisation control over issuing and revoking tokens and assigning tokens to users. Our SmartSign solution provides IAM facilities and a multi-factor authentication server and management system.

Token Specification

OTP Card c100 Token c200 Token
OATH One-Time Password OTP card-sized token ISO 7810 ID-1 card OATH HOTP OTP generator event-based token key fob OATH TOTP OTP generator event-based token key fob
OTP Type Time-based Event-based Time-based
Algorithm OATH TOTP (RFC 6238)
30 second timestep
60 second timestep
60 second timestep
OTP Digits 6 6 6
Optional: 8 digits
Display EPD (e-Ink) LCD LCD
Power Supply Flexible Lithium Battery
Lifetime: 3-5 years
Lifetime: 5 years
Lifetime: 5 years
Form Factor ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 Keyfob (see Dimensions) Keyfob (see Dimensions)
Dimensions 85.6 x 54 x 0.84mm 62 x 29 x 11mm 60 x 27 x 10mm
Weight 4.7g 14.4g 16.1g
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +50°C -10°C ~ +50°C -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C -20°C ~ +70°C -20°C ~ +70°C
Ingress Protection (IP Rating) IP68 N/A N/A
Flexibility Up to 20mm bending (long side)
Up to 10mm bending (short side)
Compliance RoHS, FCC, CE RoHS, FCC, CE RoHS, FCC, CE
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