fingerprint biometric security products for data security and digital identity protection

Biometric Security Solutions Data security and user authentication

Biometric systems identify and authenticate users based on their unique biological characteristics. These systems and are becoming increasingly common due to the high level of assurance they offer combined with speed and convenience.

Digital security technologies are increasingly employing fingerprint-based biometrics. Fingerprint biometrics for user authentication is ideal because the technology offers a high level of protection against identity theft.

Granting a user access to a sensitive resource based on who they are provides a significant improvement in security versus traditional authentication factors such as passwords or PIN numbers.

Our Solutions

Biometric security key for fingerprint biometric user authentication

Biometric Authentication

Biometric security keys for secure multi-factor authentication.

Abandon passwords and deploy passwordless authentication.

Biometric fingerprint flash drive for secure AES encrypted file storage

Encrypted File Storage

Encrypted storage for your files and data with access controlled by fingerprint biometrics.

Mitigate loss or theft and rest assured that your data can't be accessed by unauthorized users.