MFA Management System

MFA management system

SmartSign includes a comprehensive management system (the "SmartSign Portal") that allows you to manage protected applications and to manage your users and their authentication devices. It provides you with application-specific installers and configuration tools. It also provides detailed activity logs.

Manage MFA hardware devices

Manage MFA Devices

SmartSign supports a range of different authentication devices. The management system lets you manage the entire lifecycle of these devices.

Hardware devices can be provisioned, assigned, revoked and deactivated all through the SmartSign Portal.

Manage users in your MFA system

Manage Users

The SmartSign Portal lets you manage your users and the applications they are enrolled in.

You can create users, add/remove them to/from applications, assign authentication devices to them and remove or block them as required.

MFA system logs

Detailed Logs

The SmartSign Portal maintains detailed logs about all the activity that takes place within your account.

Logged information includes authentication attempts, successes and failures, user lifecycle events, account accesses and more.

MFA system analytics stats and graphs

Graphical Data

The SmartSign Portal display various graphs and charts that provide a visual overview about different aspects of your account.

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Integrate SmartSign MFA


SmartSign MFA can protect logins on a wide range of platforms.

Multi-factor authentication app for Android and iOS

SmartSign App

Let your users authenticate with their smartphone using the SmartSign app for Android and iOS.