PKI TokensAuthentication, Encryption and Digital Signatures

PKI tokens provide secure storage for digital certificates and private keys. They allow public-key cryptography and digital signatures to be leveraged securely, without risk of leaking the private key information.

What is PKI?

PKI, meaning Public Key Infrastructure, is a system which creates, stores and distributes digital certificates. Digital-certificates are used to secure the transfer of information, assert identity information and verify the authenticity of messages through public key cryptography and digital signatures.

In a PKI, digital certificates are issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) and bind public keys with identities (eg, users).

PKI can be deployed in web applications, online banking, BYOD, e-ID, e-Healthcare and more.

Use Cases

Microcosm PKI Tokens

We supply the following PKI tokens:

driverless usb pki dongle token contactless pki smart card
USB PKI Token PKI Smart Card

Secure storage of personal identity information, digital certificates and private keys in a tiny keychain sized USB key. Driverless* on Windows, Mac and Linux.

* Using 'winscard' API on Windows and PCSC/CCID on OS X and Linux.

Secure storage of personal identity information, digital certificates and private keys in a standard sized card. NFC-enabled for contactless applications. Can be used with any smart card reader.


  • USB connectivity
  • Onboard key pair generation
  • Onboard digital signature and verification
  • Onboard data encryption and decryption
  • PKCS#11 and Microsoft CSP support


  • 32-bit ARM-based Smart Card Chip (CC EAL 6+)
  • Java Card 2.2.2
  • Global Platform 2.1.1
  • ISO-7816 compliant
  • X.509 v3 Certificate Storage
  • SSL v3, IPSec
  • Onboard 3DES, SHA-1, SHA-256, RSA 512/1024/2048, AES, ECDSA 192/256 bit
  • 500,000+ write/erase cycles
  • 10 year+ data retention


  • Onboard DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA-1, RSA 1024/2048, AES, SHA-2
  • Onboard RSA key-pair generation
  • Onboard digital signing and verification
  • Microsoft CAPI and PKCS#11 support
  • OpenSC compatible


  • Java Card 2.2.2
  • Global Platform 2.1.1
  • ISO-7816 compliant
  • Microsoft CAPI, PKCS#11
  • PKCS#15
  • Supported on Windows 2000 onwards (client & server)
  • Supported on Linux
  • Supported on Mac OSX with OpenSC middleware
  • Operating voltage: 3v/5v
  • 500,000+ memory rewrites
  • 10 year+ data retention
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Other PKI tokens are available, contact us to enquire.


USB PKI Token PKI Smart Card
Windows PC/Laptop (with compatible reader)
Mac OS X (with compatible reader)
Linux (with compatible reader)
iPhone (with compatible reader)
iPad (with compatible reader)
Windows tablet (with compatible reader)
Android (contactless (NFC), or with compatible reader)