Dinkey Pro Prices

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We believe our dongles offer the best possible value and, unlike most other dongle manufacturers, we are happy to publish our price list. In the unlikely event that you find a comparable dongle at a lower price, we will match the price. This price match promise does not include the cost of the SDK.

Prices listed on this page do not include taxes and shipping.

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Dinkey Pro Software Development Kit $121.01

Dinkey Pro SDK

You must purchase a Dinkey Pro SDK with your first order. The SDK includes all of the tools and documentation you need to lock your software with Dinkey Pro dongles.

We don't charge for support or updates - the price of the SDK covers all updates and technical support for life.


Local Dongles

Dongles connected to a device and used to protect a single copy of your software on that device.

Order Quantity Pro Lite Pro Plus
1 - 49 $21.21 $28.28
50 - 99 $20.51 $26.86
100 - 999 $19.79 $25.45
1000+ $18.38 $22.62

Network Dongles

Dongles connected to a network server and used to protect multiple copies of your software on the same network.

Order Quantity Pro Net
(5 users)
Pro Net
(unlimited users)
1 - 9 $39.59 $60.80
10 - 49 $36.76 $56.56
50 - 99 $35.35 $53.73
100+ $33.93 $50.90

Mini Case +$2.83 per dongle

Dinkey Pro Mini Case

The Dinkey Pro prices quoted above refer to dongles with the standard case. The mini case option (pictured right) is available for an additional charge of $2.83 per dongle.

Mini Pro dongles are ideal for use with laptops and tablets where there is a risk of accidental damage to a dongle protruding from a USB port, and in embedded systems where space is at a premium.

Custom Dongle Serial Numbers +10% of dongle price

Every Dinkey Pro dongle is preprogrammed with a unique serial number, which can be read by the SDK utilities and by your protected software.

In special cases you may want to specify the serial numbers of your dongles. For example, if you are using Dinkey Pro to replace an existing protection system where each customer already has a unique ID, it's possible to order dongles with serial numbers to match these existing IDs.

There is a charge of 10% of the price of the dongle to customise its serial number. You can specify the serial numbers that you want when placing an order.


DinkeyOMS is an online management system for Dinkey Pro. This service is an optional add-on and separate pricing applies to its use.

DinkeyOMS information and prices