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articleError 458
Problem: A USB HID class device attached to the system does not respond in the correct way. If you have protected your software with the Di...
30 Jan, 2013    Views: 12034
articleMy USB dongle is not being detected
First check that the LED is lit on the dongle. If the LED is on: This indicates that the drivers have been installed correctly and the soft...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 9490
articleError 28
Program: All No dongles detected. Please check the following: Check the dongle is attached to the computer Have the dongle drivers been...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 7100
articleHow to find the SDK version
Dinkey Pro/FD SDK Open the DinkeyLook developer tool and go to Help > About in the program's menu to see full version information. Din...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 6833
articleError 504
Dinkey Pro/FD dongles can only be accessed by one thread or process at a time. This error number indicates a problem enforcing this constra...
23 Nov, 2012    Views: 6781
Latest Articles
articleError 451
Error 451 means that there was an error loading a critical Windows system DLL. In practice we have found that this occurs when there is a m...
29 Apr, 2022    Views: 13
articleError 1213
This error can only occur if you are using one of the debug modules. The only reported occurance of this problem is 1213/10 on Linux. In th...
28 Mar, 2022    Views: 13
articleError 560
This error means that the protected application on the client has not received a reply from DinkeyServer. The extended error code is a sock...
23 Mar, 2022    Views: 18
articleError 968
This error means that a file we created as part of the protection check, could not be opened. This file will only be used if you enabled the...
28 Feb, 2022    Views: 16
articleError 503
This error means that the action (e.g. a protection check) took too long to execute. There are many reasons why this error could occur. The ...
16 Feb, 2022    Views: 20

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