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articleDongles in a Virtual Machine or Container Environment
In the vast majority of cases Dinkey Dongles will work correctly under a Virtual Machine environment and also with containers. In this arti...
18 Jun, 2014    Views: 18140
articleError 410
Description:The Product Code used to protect your software is not the same as the Product Code in the dongle detected. Note - you can use D...
21 Apr, 2009    Views: 13473
articleError 465
Problem: The OS has detected the dongle but there was an error communicating with the dongle. On Linux, this error can occur if the inst sc...
07 Dec, 2010    Views: 13326
articleError 458
Problem: A USB HID class device attached to the system does not respond in the correct way. If you have protected your software with the Di...
30 Jan, 2013    Views: 12150
articleMy USB dongle is not being detected
First check that the LED is lit on the dongle. If the LED is on: This indicates that the drivers have been installed correctly and the soft...
05 Jul, 2007    Views: 9639
Latest Articles
articleError 602
Applies to: DinkeyAdd Description: DinkeyAdd could not find the API library code in the input file. When you add protection using...
04 Mar, 2024    Views: 8
articleError 1932
A server-side error occurred in DinkeyOMS while attempting to apply the update code. The extended error is the DinkeyRemote error code. Plea...
29 Feb, 2024    Views: 2
articleError 3100
This error is a mismatch between the SDSN that you are using on the developer portal and the SDSN of the OMSDeveloper service that you runn...
29 Feb, 2024    Views: 3
articleError 3020
This is an error installing OMSRuntime on to a Linux operating system. We cannot determine the system type. e.g. systemd or init.d etc... P...
29 Feb, 2024    Views: 5
articleError 1938
This error is given by OMSRuntime when the operation could not be completed because there are no transactions left on the DinkeyOMS account....
29 Feb, 2024    Views: 3

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