DinkeyOMS is an online management system for Dinkey Pro. It can be used to program, manage and update all the dongles that you distribute to your customers. It simplifies the entire licensing life cycle of your protected software. It can also be used to automate dongle updates via an online payment system. DinkeyOMS is a game changer if you have a licensing model that involves sending out a large number of update codes e.g. a rental/subscription licensing model or a per-use licensing model.

You can use it to:

  • Assign dongles to your customers.
  • Program dongles.
  • Simplify the dongle update process - once the change is made online then the update will automatically get sent and applied to the customer's dongle. Your customer does not have to do anything!
  • Update individual dongles or groups of dongles in a single step.
  • Easily view the current licensing information in your customer's dongle without interaction from your customer.
  • Block dongles that have been reported as damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Integrate with online payment systems to fully automate the dongle updating process.

How does it work?

DinkeyOMS uses an online database that records the current state of all the dongles that you have sent to your customers. You need to install a service/daemon on each of your customers' computers that has a dongle connected to it. When you specify a change online using DinkeyOMS then the update code will automatically be download by the service and applied to the dongle. The customer's computer will need internet access or at least temporary internet access. Once the update has been applied then DinkeyOMS will update the status of the dongle online.

How is it charged?

There is no setup charge to use DinkeyOMS. All the software tools and documentation you need to get started are included in the Dinkey Pro SDK.

DinkeyOMS is charged per transaction. A transaction is one of the following actions:

  • Registering a dongle with DinkeyOMS.
  • Updating a dongle.
  • Blocking a dongle.
  • Unblocking a dongle.

This pricing makes it very cost-efficient to start using this system. In fact it is free for the first 5 transactions! Typically, every time you issue an update to a customer they are paying you for a change such as a new software version, a licence extension, a new feature, etc. So, in this case you are only using a transaction when you get paid for something. This makes it easy to understand and manage the costs of using DinkeyOMS.

You must purchase packs of transactions in advance. They will be automatically added to your DinkeyOMS account and a transaction is subtracted from your account balance each time you perform one of the actions listed above.

100 transactions


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1000 transactions


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What platforms does DinkeyOMS support?

DinkeyOMS supports the same platforms as the Dinkey Pro SDK: Windows (x86 and x64), Linux (x86, x64 and ARM) and macOS (Intel and Apple silicon).

What will be implemented in the future?

We aim to offer a REST API so that DinkeyOMS can be integrated into your current ERP, CRM or other customer relationship or business management software.