Email-Based OTP

SmartSign supports OTP delivery by email

SmartSign supports the email-based delivery of single-use OTP codes to the user's email address. This can be a convenient way to allow users access to a system in the event of a lost/stolen token.

Email OTP codes can be used to grant short term access when deploying physical tokens may be undesirable.

You needn't worry that our email-based authentication is less secure though; we use the same industry-standard algorithms as used by our smartphone app.

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Other Authentication Methods

Smartphone mobile soft-token 2-factor authentication


Smartphone and tablet based two-factor authentication. Simple, convenient and secure.

One time password OATH OTP HOTP TOTP hardware token support


SmartSign supports OATH One Time Password (OTP) hardware tokens, both event-based and time-based.

Email-based One Time Password (OTP) 2-factor authentication

Email-Based OTP

Instantly deploy strong authentication using email OTP delivery. Tokenless authentication on the move.

FIDO two-factor authentication 2FA SDK

FIDO U2F Tokens

Simple and convenient two-factor authentication using FIDO U2F tokens (USB or contactless).