Building Protection

Protecting your program with CopyMinder is very easy using Shell protection. You simply run the supplied developer's program, tell it where your program is, where you want the protected copy to go, enter a Product Code and click Add Protection. CopyMinder will then download the latest protection file from our website and add this to your program.

Software Protection SDK

Once you've added protection to your software you can then access the developer's website to fine tune the protection settings to suit your needs.

If you prefer to get a little more sophisticated, you can use the protection system from within your program by calling our API. This will require you to link with one of our object modules or to use our DLL. Protecting your software is just as simple - you just choose the API Method of protection.

Shell Protection

The Shell Method is the easiest way to add protection to your program and provides the best security. It couldn't be simpler to add Shell protection to your software with just a few mouse clicks using the CopyMinder Developer's Platform.

The Shell method of protection automatically adds our protection module to your program and encrypts parts of your code to keep it secure. It can be used to protect most 32-bit and 64-bit Windows EXEs, whether they are native executables or .NET assemblies, and DLLs if they are .NET assemblies, but not native DLLs.

When you run a Shell-protected program it will automatically perform a protection check to ensure that the user is allowed to use your software.

Advanced Runtime Protection

Advanced Runtime Protection is an additional option that can be enabled when using the Shell method with native 32 bit executables. This system provides an ultra secure environment in which your protected program runs. Maximum security is maintained throughout your program's execution, making it extremely difficult for hackers to gain the upper hand.

This feature adds some overhead to your program's execution. During the protection process you can customise the strength of the protection that this system offers. This gives you the ultimate level of control over performance and security.

Download A Free Demo

Get a free demo of CopyMinder now, and see how easy it is to Shell-protect your software.

API Protection

If you want to have more control over how and when your software performs a protection check you will probably want to use our API method of protection. You can link in one of our supplied object modules or use our DLL to allow you to check the protection from within your program. Protecting it is just as simple as using the Shell protection method, the only difference is that you select the API method of protection from the CopyMinder Developer's Platform.

Supplied with the CopyMinder SDK is sample code for the following programming languages:

Protect C# programs from piracy theft and copying
Software Protection for VB6, C & C++ programs
Protect VB.NET programs from theft
Copy Protection for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Protect Microsoft Access database from theft and piracy
Software Protection SDK for Delphi
Software Copy Protection for Java programs
Software Protection for NetBeans Java IDE
Anti-Piracy for MapBasic

If the programming language you use is not listed above, we can still support it if the language provides a method of linking a static object file or calling a DLL. Please contact us for further details.