Flexible Security

CopyMinder allows you total control over how your software is protected. You do this by specifying a default security level for each of your products. Five pre-defined levels are provided but you can create as many of your own security levels as you wish. The security level parameters that you can change affect two aspects of CopyMinder's security:

  • How frequently the user is permitted to move your product to a new device.
  • How frequently the program will access the CopyMinder website.

Note that the values you specify will only be guidelines for CopyMinder. The actual numbers may be modified by CopyMinder over time if it thinks it necessary. For example, it may be more tolerant of customers who show no signs of moving or copying the software. It can also start trying to perform the periodic internet access before the specified time in order to minimise the impact of any connection problems.

CopyMinder security level settings page